How to Present a Picture Frame to Your Dad

When coming up with ideas of gifts for dads, they usually like anything their children give them with love. But to make your dad’s birthday more special, you can select a gift full of sentiments. How about giving him a picture frame? When he will place it on his office desk, he can see all the special people in his life while working. This collage picture will remind him how beautiful life has been.

If you want to buy a picture frame for your dad, you can add more value to it by making a photo collage for him. Have a look at the instructions below on how to make it:

1. Decide who should be included in the picture, i.e. only you, your whole family, or other family members too.

2. View your family photo album and scan through them. Choose those photos that clearly depict the family members you want in the photo frame.

3. After selecting the photos, make one copy of each photo, so that your family photo album remains filled with the same photos.

4. Now, it is time to buy a small or large-sized photo frame, depending on the number of photos you’ve selected. If you have selected a lot of photos to make a photo collage, then you will require a photo frame that should be 8×10 or larger. Also, make sure his office desk has sufficient space to place your gift there.

5. Once you have purchased a perfect photo frame, open it up and also remove its backing.

6. Since the glass of a photo frame often gets dust, you can clean it just to make sure there is no dust left.

7. Now, cut a piece of paper that is acid-free. The main objective of it should be that it can fit easily inside your photo frame. You can cut the paper after measuring the space in the photo frame.

8. When you are done with it, it is time to organize all selected photos on that paper.

9. Make sure you try your best to layer and angle the photos.

10. In order to come up with something creative, you can trim some of the photos by using a pair of scissors. A different design of photos arranged in a unique way will definitely look exciting.

11. Now, attach all these photos to the same piece of paper. You can use a photo adhesive or a glue to paste the photos.

12. Leave the collage for ten to fifteen minutes or until it gets dried completely. After that, insert it in the photo frame and present it to your dad. It can be one of the best gifts for dads!

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