Improving Your Content Presentation When Blogging

Your content presentation when blogging plays a role in whether you’ll have return visitors or not! What we’re talking about here is increasing the visual appeal of your blog content so visitors have a more pleasant reading experience! After all your success when blogging is dependent upon increasing the number of return visitors to your platform! The last thing any blogger wants to do is to discourage people in any way from returning to their site!

Here are 3 quick and easy to implement suggestions to increase the visual appearance of any blog content you offer on your platform!

Font Selection

The font selection you make should be done with your readers comfort in mind! Although there are some really cool fonts to choose from it’s best to stick with only those that will make the reading experience less stressful on the eyes! With that in mind studies conducted have suggested that the Times New Roman, Georgia and Verdana fonts are the best ones to use in terms of making your blog content easy to view!

Pleasing Color Use

Although many of us may be tempted to use our ‘favorite’ colors or the ones that really JUMP out at you, resist the urge! This pertains not only to what color you display your text in but also the background colors as well! Keeping your fonts dark but non-offensive makes the reading experience more pleasurably for people who land on your site! By non-offensive I mean dark colors such as purple or even red which can really put a strain on your eyes! Play it safe and stick with black or brown! Also keep your background light by choosing colors that are soothing such as all shades of white or even lighter shades of tan!

Reading Material

Selecting the right colors or fonts is all well and good however if your blog content stinks, your previous efforts are all in vain! People need to be interested in what you offer whether it is for the humor, insights or being just plain informative for them to even consider coming back! Remember., as a blogger having return visitors is the best indication you are doing something right!

The 3 suggestions offered above are easy ways to tweak your content presentation when blogging to improve the reading experience for viewers! The bottom line is that the biggest measure of success when blogging is the amount of return visitors your site gets! The bottom line is that if your blog content is difficult to read or holds little interest getting return visitors will be a challenge!

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