Spring Wedding – Some Types Of Wedding Favours To Present Your Guests With

If you are planning to have your wedding in the spring then why not look at ways of involving this wonderful time of year in to yours. A really effective way of doing this is by presenting wedding favours to your guests that relate to spring and will tie in with the rest of the theme of your day.

For example if for the women at your wedding why not present them with a small bouquet of dried flowers that is created from the types you would normally see blooming in the Spring. Or the other thing you can do is present them with a small pot of pot pourri that incorporates the kinds of scents you expect to smell at this time of the year.

When it comes to presenting spring wedding favours to the guys make sure that it what you give them is a little manlier. One such idea is to present them with a few chocolates that are in a box of a colour similar to or matching the present given to your female guests.

However if your wedding is going to be taking place at Easter then consider selecting wedding favours that relate to this particular event. For the younger children who have been invited present them with a small cuddly rabbit or duck. Whereas for the older children it is worth looking at presenting them with small chocolate bunny or Easter chick. As for the adults why not go for something a little more unusual. For example why not present the women with gifts of hand painted eggs and for the men a key ring shaped like a rabbit.

Not only should you be making sure that you present the right sorts of favours to your wedding guests but also ensure that other aspects of the wedding relate to the time of year when your wedding is taking place. For example when it comes to the wedding guest book why not go for very something simple and then decorate it with ribbons that match the colours of your wedding bouquet or the decorations that you have chosen for the tables at the reception.

Another way of creating the perfect record when it comes to the wedding guest book is to get your guests to record a short video for you. Then once you have all these you can arrange to have them made into a DVD and where you can include images relating to the time of year that the wedding took place including place a boarder around each recording of flowers that will bloom in the spring or at Easter.

In this article we have offered some ideas you may find useful for presenting guests with the perfect wedding favours at your spring or Easter wedding. By keeping in mind what we have suggested you are providing all your guests with the perfect reminder of a wonderful day.

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